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Air freight

Do you have a shipment above 70 kg and do you wish to send this by freight? Parcel International is the right partner for you. Thanks to our large network of the most advanced airlines, we send your shipment from A to B at lightning speed.

Air freight shipments with Parcel International

Air freight shipments are used for heavier large shipments above 70 kg and for International shipments that have to arrive quickly on location. In the booking system, you can indicate your preferences such as the transit time and the price. As an IATA registered and Recognized Airfreight agent, Parcel International is the ideal partner for taking care of your airfreight shipments.

Possibilities with air freight

You decide the destination of your shipment. Thanks to our good network with major airlines, we offer a wide range of carriers and we can arrange a custom made delivery of every type of shipment. You can also consider a combination with other transport options, such as sea transport and road freight. This is how we offer:

Do you choose multiple transport methods for your shipment? Then, we ensure a seamless collaboration to deliver your package at lightning speed. Not sure which type of transport suits you best? Please feel free to contact one of our experts.

Send freight shipments worldwide

With Parcel International, you can book your shipments to every location worldwide. Use freight shipments for:

  • Export shipments (e.g from the Netherlands to US)
  • Import shipments (e.g. from US to the Netherlands)
  • Worldwide shipments (e.g. from US to Vietnam)



Easily compare carriers

Every shipment is different. Of course, you always wish to choose the fastest transit time and the lowest price. Parcel International's comparison platform offers the perfect solution that saves you a lot time for searching on the Internet. How it works? Log in on your personal account, indicate your preference for your air transport shipment and choose the carrier that best suits your requests.

The prices are very competitive. This is because Parcel International provides daily air transport shipments. Thanks to these large volumes, we can purchase competitive rates. You as a customer benefit from this! Create an account for free and start comparing right now!

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Large air shipments?

Do you have a shipment that cannot be sent via the regular air freight network? Thanks to our large International network, we can also send the largest shipments by cargo plane to any destination in the world.

Multiple shipments per week?

Do you have more than 30 air freight shipments per week? Request a customized quote below or schedule a call with our experts to discuss the options for air transport.

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