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How easy is it nowadays; you forgot to buy a birthday present for your friend, quickly order it online, because ordering before 23:00 and you package will be delivered the next day!

What do you prefer?

What is the point to get your packages so quickly, when you are not even able to receive your package because you are not at home the moment the courier is ringing your bell?


Everyone will recognize this. You order a product, but you are not able to choose a delivery time. One day before the delivery, you get an email that your package is coming, however you do not have the opportunity receive it because you need to work and you cannot change your plans. This creates frustrations. It is a conflict between what customers want, quickness or efficiency?

Delivery date

Not everyone is always looking for the quickest delivery. Research of Paazl showed that more than 20% of online shoppers choose a delivery date at least one day after they placed the order. Actually, most people choose for a delivery date three days in the future!


Luckily, the solution already exists. Give people the choice to pick the delivery date, simple. This is not only making the customers more satisfied, it also saves money for the courier. They do not have to drive to the address all day to deliver a package when no one is home. By letting the customer choose, they can shift the busiest delivery hours, due to the fact that they can simply “block” delivery times when they are full.

A good development for the carrier and customer, everyone happy.

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