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Last Mile Carriers

Ever heard of a ‘last mile carrier’? At Parcel International, we love to work with them since a last mile carrier can make a significant difference. Let us explain why.

The concept of a last mile carrier

A last mile carrier specializes in handling the final phase of the shipping process. These carriers are often well-known carriers in a specific country, trusted by consumers. They have a solid reputation and a strong network. Moreover, they ensure a safe and timely delivery of your shipment to its destination, resulting in a positive customer experience.

How does a last mile carrier work?

As a customer of Parcel International, you can choose global carriers like UPS, TNT, DPD, GLS, FedEx, or DHL to handle your shipment from A to Z. Alternatively, you can opt for a last mile carrier. During the booking process, select the option 'utilize the network of Parcel International’ to indicate this preference. We will pick up your shipment and hand it over to a local specialist at the country border who will handle the final delivery. Of course, you can track your shipment closely using our track & trace system.

Advantages of Last Mile Carriers

At Parcel International, we aim for a smooth and efficient delivery of your shipments to each destination in the world. Reliable carriers are crucial to us in this process. The last mile carriers we collaborate with are often well-known carriers trusted by consumers. They have a good reputation and a strong network, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Besides reliability, there are three other interesting benefits:

  • Expertise and experience: Last mile carriers have extensive experience and expertise in package delivery. They employ well-trained couriers who are familiar with delivering in various locations. They know local routes and customer need, ensuring fast and secure deliveries.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Last mile carriers leverage existing logistical networks and consolidated delivery routes, resulting in reduced operational costs.
  • Access to remote areas: Last mile carriers have the logistical capabilities and network to deliver packages even to the most remote locations, allowing you to ship to any destination worldwide.

Parcel International's Last Mile Carriers

Below are some of the last mile carriers that Parcel International collaborates with:

  • Colis Privé - France
  • Chronopost - France
  • Mondial Relay - France
  • Bartolini (BTS) - Italy
  • PostNL - Netherlands
  • Bpost - Belgium
  • Posti - Finland
  • Inpost - Poland

Curious about the carrier we work with for your specific shipment? Feel free to contact our experts for more information.

Level up your last mile shipments!

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