Get to know Parcel International

Our online service allows you to easily compare all major carriers, based on price & services. You can book & compare online carriers like: KLM, UPS, FedEx, DHL, PostNL, Sendle and many more.

One booking tool with: total view of shipments, carriers & 24/7 track & trace of your parcels.

At Parcel International we are always searching for new ways to transport your shipments as quickly and easily as possible. This can be arrange due to our online service where, you as Parcel International customer, can compare prices, carries, book all your shipments and follow all your shipments real-time.

Who are behind Parcel International

Parcel International is active since 2007 in the international online shipment branche. We have an experienced team of dedicated Sales, Customer Support, Finance, Procurement, Marketing & Developer people whom always aiming to get the best result for our service and towards our clients.