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Express Service Shipments

Express Delivery is an important service if you need to send your parcel, package, or documents and time matters. With our Express service we make sure your shipment is delivered the next possible working day.

How does it work?

Based on the different prices and delivery times carriers provide, you can choose the best suitable shipment method for you import, export or third country sending. You can find your labels and needed documentation easily in our system for all your shipments. Our system will also provide you with shipment reports and a 24/7 track & trace tool to monitor your shipments.



Every Express Delivery shipment can be delivered door-to-door and will mostly be picked up the same day. In addition, pick-up costs are not charged for this method! Within the type of shipments we distinguish also different packaging options.

Express Service Packaging types


You can choose the packaging type document when you are shipping documents:


A colli covers all consignments transported in the form of a parcel.


When you want to create a consignment that is on a pallet that has the following dimensions; 120cm x 80cm, you can choose this option.


All pallets having a different dimension than the Europallet, can be booked as a pallet.


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