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Below are listed the surcharges that may apply to your shipment. Please keep in mind that the carrier may change rates and conditions for surcharges. We will do our utmost to inform you as well as possible, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee accuracy and completeness. Therefore, no rights can be derived from our information on surcharges.

Note: The extra costs incurred by the carrier are calculated afterwards. For this reason, surcharges are invoiced later.

Weight adjustment

Additional charges will be applied for packages that deviate disproportionately from the weight entered by the sender during the transportation process as determined by subsequent weighings. This applies to packages that are weighed higher. The packages are weighed and measured by the carrier using calibrated equipment, and this applies to the highest chargeable weight, which may be the actual or the volumetric weight.

Address correction

A surcharge is applied when the carrier needs to determine the correct address to deliver the shipment.

Customs services

Shipments that require customs handling are subject to import duties and VAT. These costs are not included in the rates presented by Parcel International. The import duties and VAT are determined based on the contents and value of your shipment.

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