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In 2025, the Dutch government expects that over 60% of our population will live in urban areas.


Delivery services choose to deliver more packages in city centers and less in remote areas (CBS,2013). As a result, there is a gap between the logistics in these areas. This gap creates challenges for the people living in rural areas.

Environment and Transport

The Netherlands wants and has to become more environment friendly. This has big effects on the transport sector. For years, there are many complaints about traffic in big cities. The government has put a lot of effort in solving this problem. A good example is the pilot that has been done in Delft. They decided in 2017 to only have one party as logistical transporter. It was a good initiative, but had big effects on the other transporters in the city.

Remote areas

In contract to urban areas which have to many couriers, there is a big challenge for the more remote areas in our country. Especially with new couriers on the market. Due to people moving to the urban areas, couriers choose to serve mainly people within these areas.


We see that some couriers make the delivery times much longer compared to the urban areas, or they already chose to not deliver in some remote areas anymore. Mostly innovative start-ups have chosen for this strategy. Due to the small distances and less stops, they are able to be quicker and more effective.


A possible solution would be to start using drones to deliver packages which are further away from the bigger cities. This could work especially well in areas with limited obstacles and where the infrastructure is not as good. This could be a good win-win situation.

The focus will be on efficiency. How can couriers help their customers with the best service and be as quick as possible with delivering the packages? Of course also by looking for the lowest prices and throughout the country. Luckily we can still trust our couriers to deliver all packages, whether this is in a more remote or urban areas!

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