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Frequently asked questions

We deliver any kind of parcels. Express, Road freight, Sea freight or Air freight.

We ship your parcel!

Profit directly from our competitive rates with all our carriers. Whether you have domestic or international shipments, one parcel per month or mutiple pallets a week, we can help you with all your shipments!

FAQ Introduction

We divided our frequently asked question in different subjects to answer your questions as good as possible!

The five subjects are:

  • General
  • Shipments
  • Quote
  • System
  • Insurance


Is there a minimum amount of shipments that I need to send to be able to use Parcel International?

No, you can use our service even if you have only one shipment.

I have a contract with a carrier can I still use the same carrier?

Yes, you can. The same carrier will still come to pick up your shipment, the only difference is that you save money using our booking tool.

Is it correct that there are no subscription costs?

Yes, Parcel International works on the concept that you, the customer, only pays for the shipments that you booked. You pay no monthly fees for using our system!

Is there an overall overview of all my shipments?

Yes, when logging in to your account you can click on show all shipments which will give you an overview of all your current shipments. We also offer a tool within the system which can generate an overview in excel of all the bookings done within a certain time period.

Is it possible to integrate the system through ERP or WMS?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact our service team and they will provide you with the information.

What are the benefits of using Parcel International?

If you are a customer Parcel International, you have one portal to send and manage all your shipments, from document to container, road freight, airfreight, rail- and sea freight. In this portal, you can easily compare prices, create a booking and track your shipments. To become a customer, we do not ask for a subscription fee. You only pay for the shipments sent using Parcel International. Through us, you gain insight into the different carriers. That way you can always book with the carrier that best suits your needs, whether it be price, service or delivery time. And should the unlikely event occur that something does not quite go according to plan with your shipment or you have questions about a booking or payment, please contact our service team via email, chat or phone.

What methods of payment are available?

You can choose several payment methods at Parcel International. When you register as a company, we will send you an invoice on a weekly basis. It is also possible to allow us to automatically collect from


Which Express carriers can I use?

A large number of express carriers are included in the Parcel International booking system. You can think of the well-known Express carriers (such as TNT, FedEx, DPD and UPS), but also different road, air, and sea freight carriers for all your larger freight shipments. This way we can offer a suitable solution for all your transport needs.

Which services are available in the Parcel International booking system?

Various services are included in the booking system of Parcel International. Depending on your wishes, you can opt for time-critical services (delivery before 09:00, 12:00 or 18:00), or for an economy service for less urgent shipments.

Can I also import shipments?

Yes, you can import and export shipments within our booking tool.

How many shipments can I send per day?

You can send an unlimited number of shipments per day. These can be shipments using different carriers and from and to different addresses.

How does tracking and tracing work?

If you have booked your shipment you can see all your shipments on one overview screen. In this screen, you can see the status overview of your shipment with the different carriers by pressing the track and trace button. Track and trace is available for all carriers.

What to do when my shipment is missing?

If your shipment is missing, the carrier can start a tracer investigation. The information required for this can be submitted through a online tracer form in your account. This form can be found under the EXTRA button on the right side of your shipments overview.

Is it possible to send hazardous goods?

We do this in consultation with the chosen carrier. The sending of hazardous goods must always be reported in advance. In this case, please contact our customer service.

What do I need for international shipments?

For shipments from or to countries outside the European Union, you are obliged to place a commercial invoice on the shipment. You can create the commercial invoice in your account by clicking on the invoice heading on the right side of your shipment overview. You will need to place six copies of the commerical invoice on your shipment for customs. You do not need an invoice for shipments within the European Union or for shipping documents. Additional documentation may be required for non standard goods. You can check this with our service team.

Why do I need a commercial invoice?

The commercial invoice is a mandatory export document for shipments from and to countries outside the European Union. Customs uses this invoice for the customs clearance of your shipment. A shipment without the commercial invoice cannot enter the country. The commercial invoice is not required for documents and shipments within the European Union.

Can I ship to a PO Box / mailbox?

Courier companies can only deliver to a regular home or work address. Delivery to a PO Box / mailbox is not possible.

What do I mention on a commercial invoice?

The commercial invoice is necessary so that customs will know the exact details of your shipment.
Always state a value of at least 5 Euro, even if the shipment serves no commercial purpose.
An invoice requires the following details:

– Pick up address
– Shipping address
– A description of the goods
– The amount of goods
– Commercial value of the goods
– Country of origin of the goods
– VAT number (if applicable)
– Hs-code; for more information follow this link: link

You can easily fill in the invoice online on our website. To do so follow these steps:

1. Go to ‘Show all shipments’.
2. Click on your shipment.
3. Right click on the blue box ‘invoice’.
4. Fill in the invoice as completely as possible.
5. Save it and print it.
8. Place a total of six copies of the invoice on your shipment. Make sure that a customs official is able to clearly see it on the outside of the package.


Which methods of payment are available?

You can choose several payment methods at Parcel International. When you account as a company, we will send you an invoice on a weekly basis. It is also possible to allow us to automatically collect from

How does invoicing work?

In the beginning of every week, we send a collective invoice to the customer with transport costs of the shipments delivered in the previous week. Example: In week 1 you’ve booked five parcels, of which four have been delivered in the same week. In week 2 you’ll receive an invoice for the transport costs of the four delivered parcels.

Which costs are not included in the system price?

Our goal is to include as much of the total costs as possible in the displayed system price, to minimize additional costs. However, some costs we cannot include in the system price:

– Import charges. These are determined by customs. This occurs based on the content and value of your parcel, as mentioned on the Commercial Invoice.
– Insurance. Costs for insurance, 1.1% of total value of your shipment, are charged retrospectively.
– Potential additional surcharges. In exceptional cases, we are charged retrospectively by the transporter. Surcharges rightly charged to us, for example due to an address change or deviating weight/measurements, are charged to the client. The various carriers use different surcharges. For an additional explanation of these surcharges, we refer to the carriers’ website.

I have received an additional invoice due to ‘weight adjustments’, what does this mean?

Within logistics, the highest value between actual and volume weight is taken into consideration. The actual weight is the effective amount of kilograms of your shipment. The volume weight is calculated based on the measurements of the shipment, using the following formula: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / volume factor. Volume factor can be found on the website of the carrier.

When booking a shipment in our booking tool, rates are being calculated based on actual weight and volume weight. After the carrier has collected a shipment, it will go through highly advanced measuring devices. If differences are being measured, it will affect the actual weight or volume weight of your shipment. These differences will affect the costs of your shipment and therefore will be charged with an additional invoice due to “Weight adjustments”.

To prevent weight adjustments, we advise you to book your shipment with a few cm or kg difference. We also recommend that you take photos of your shipment before shipping it.


How do I book a shipment?

Make sure you are logged on in our system and click on ‘Add shipment’. A new window will open in which you can create the booking.

1. Fill in the reference so that you can recognize the booking you are creating.

2. Choose if you want to export or import a shipment.

3. Fill in the address of the sender and or receiver, it is important to note that if the address differs from the standard shipping address you will have to change this.

4. Enter the shipment details.

5. Check your booking and click on calculate price.

A pop-up window will appear which will show the available services and prices. Select the service that you want and click on GO.

I have booked a shipment, where can I find the label?

When the booking has been created, a new window will open with the label. If you accidently close the window or if the label is not shown, you can find the label by clicking on ‘show all shipments’. Go to ‘home’ and click on ‘show all shipments’, you will be shown an overview of all your active shipments. Click on the barcode symbol on the left side of the shipment to print out the label.

What are the maximum dimensions that I can send?

We advise you that if you use the system to book a shipment to make sure that the girth does not exceed 330 cm. You can calculate this in the following way: (length) + (2 x width) + (2 x height). If you have a shipment that exceeds this, do not worry. Please contact our service team and we will be able to help you.

I need a commercial invoice, where can I find this?

A commercial invoice needs to be drafted in a certain way, that is why we have decided to create a commercial invoice for our customers for every shipment that has been booked. The commercial invoice can be found in our booking systeem when you click on ‘show all shipments’.

1. Click on the shipment for which you need the invoice

2. Click on the invoice button on the right side of the screen a new window will open with the invoice

Please note that some of the fields still need to be filled in by you.

I have made a booking, can I still change this?

Unfortunately you can’t make any changes to a shipment when it has been communicated to the carrier. You will have to delete the shipment and create a new booking. If you are unsure if your shipment has been communicated to the carrier please contact us.

I see an error message, what now?

Most of the error messages you see are because the postal code / city combination is wrong. Please contact us if you need help finding the correct information or need help fixing the error message.


Is my shipment always insured?

No, if you have not chosen to insure the shipment when you made the booking, the shipment is not insured.

How can I insure my shipments?

You can insure your shipments within our booking system. When you are booking our shipment, you will have to check the insurance box in our system. When you choose to insure your shipment it is important to fill in the value of the shipment.

The costs of the insurance are not shown when you create the booking. The insurance will be billed after the shipment has been made. The costs of insurance are 1,1% of the value of the shipment with a minimum of 5 Euro.

* At Parcel International, the terms and conditions apply to every promotion. All prices are exclusive of VAT. In addition, levies may be charged that can not be calculated in advance.

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