How do I book a shipment?

Make sure you are logged on in our system and click on ‘Add shipment’. A new window will open in which you can create the booking.

1. Fill in the reference so that you can recognize the booking you are creating.

2. Choose if you want to export or import a shipment.

3. Fill in the address of the sender and or receiver, it is important to note that if the address differs from the standard shipping address you will have to change this.

4. Enter the shipment details.

5. Check your booking and click on calculate price.

A pop-up window will appear which will show the available services and prices. Select the service that you want and click on GO.

* At Parcel International, the terms and conditions apply to every promotion. All prices are exclusive of VAT. In addition, levies may be charged that can not be calculated in advance.

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