Which costs are not included in the system price?

Our goal is to include as much of the total costs as possible in the displayed system price, to minimize additional costs. However, some costs we cannot include in the system price:

– Import charges. These are determined by customs. This occurs based on the content and value of your parcel, as mentioned on the Commercial Invoice.
– Insurance. Costs for insurance, 1.1% of total value of your shipment, are charged retrospectively.
– Potential additional surcharges. In exceptional cases, we are charged retrospectively by the transporter. Surcharges rightly charged to us, for example due to an address change or deviating weight/measurements, are charged to the client. The various carriers use different surcharges. For an additional explanation of these surcharges, we refer to the carriers’ website.

* At Parcel International, the terms and conditions apply to every promotion. All prices are exclusive of VAT. In addition, levies may be charged that can not be calculated in advance.

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