What do I mention on a commercial invoice?

The commercial invoice is necessary so that customs will know the exact details of your shipment.
Always state a value of at least 5 Euro, even if the shipment serves no commercial purpose.
An invoice requires the following details:

– Pick up address
– Shipping address
– A description of the goods
– The amount of goods
– Commercial value of the goods
– Country of origin of the goods
– VAT number (if applicable)
– Hs-code; for more information follow this link: link

You can easily fill in the invoice online on our website. To do so follow these steps:

1. Go to ‘Show all shipments’.
2. Click on your shipment.
3. Right click on the blue box ‘invoice’.
4. Fill in the invoice as completely as possible.
5. Save it and print it.
8. Place a total of six copies of the invoice on your shipment. Make sure that a customs official is able to clearly see it on the outside of the package.

* At Parcel International, the terms and conditions apply to every promotion. All prices are exclusive of VAT. In addition, levies may be charged that can not be calculated in advance.

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