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Have you ever thought of starting your own web shop? Than this is the moment!

This is your chance!

The turnover of web shops is growing rapidly in the Netherlands and Dutch customers tend to spend more money online! Easy and fast. On your sofa with a cup of tea, the ideal situation to do some shopping!


In the beginning of 2018, web shops realized a turnover growth of approximately 22%. This growth is not only increasing on the Dutch market. Research of the CBS showed that Dutch online shoppers are also spending much more money in European web shops. The expenditures of the shoppers in European web shops was increased with 18% in the first quarter of 2018 (CBS,2018).

Customer spending

The fact that Dutch shoppers are spending more online is especially visible in the growth of the amount of web shops within the Netherlands. Especially web shops without a physical location are popular and increasing fast. In 2015, there were about 24 thousand web shops in the Netherlands. In the beginning of 2017, this was increased to over 32 thousand! When we look at the records of the past 10 years, the amount of web shops has increased by six fold.

Target group

We see that it is still the younger generation who is spending more in online shops compared to the older generation. However, the difference is getting smaller. Reliability and user-friendliness is key for this. When it is easier to order online, people see less risks and this is crucial to get the older generation to spend more online.

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